“Building & strengthening the character of youth by fostering creative development and self-expression through *D.A.N.C.E.”

*Discipline Achievement Nurture Character Excellence 

Who is W.I.D?

Co-Founders Subira Williams (Director), and Asha Isaac (Assistant Director) were both born, raised, and currently reside in The Bronx. Their friendship of over 25+ years began while participating in various dance programs in the NYC area from ages 8 – 17. These programs allowed them to take classes at some of New York’s well-known dance schools such as Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway (Subira Williams), and Joffrey School of Ballet (Asha Isaac). Additionally their dance training through these programs allowed them to travel abroad to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, taking part in diverse dance outreach programs.​

Subira and Asha started Will.I.DANCE November 2016, after noticing a growing need for positive female role models in the lives of young African-American girls, and a lack of arts enrichment programs in “at-risk”, impoverished communities. Both are strong believers in providing youth, in these communities, with mentors from similar neighborhoods. They serve as an example of overcoming the hardships of underserved neighborhoods, and what can be accomplished through dance discipline.

WID provides youth with a healthy, nurturing environment, encouraging personal growth and success through dance. Their love for dance, coupled with their passion for working with youth exemplifies the mission of WID. WID currently offers classes to youth ages 6 – 15 during the school year (September - June) in African, Caribbean, Ballet/Lyrical and Hip-hop at Pearl Studios every Saturday.